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- It is what all matters!!! -
It is what all matters!!! Designing the interior of your store is what comes first. Most retail shops follow certain common design strategies. To become successful you need to put all ...
- Focus on the product category!!! -
Focus on the product category!!!   Category management is an important part in retailing. There are a lot of categories in retailing. It is important to know the benefit of each ...
- An active management chain!!! -
An active management chain!!! Supply Chain Management is not easy as it sounds. It involves many steps like planning, implementing and distribution of your products to the end customer. This ...
- Teach, train and develop!!! -
Teach, train and develop!!! Training and development is more over related to HRM. It is the process of teaching your employees what is good for your customers. Teach, train and develop is ...
- A one-to-one solution!!! -
A one-to-one solution!!! Customer relationship management deals with all aspects of communication which any organization needs to have with its customer. What is more important than to know ...
- What to do and what to ignore!!! -
What to do and what to ignore!!! Brand promotion is in a way a marketing strategy. Through a well planned brand promotion and marketing skills you can easily reach your customers. But how to ...
- Brand that talks!!! -
Brand that talks!!! Branding is what matters in all businesses. Your brand should be catchy and attractive. The brand you create should talk to your customers. You may wonder whether it is ...
- The strong basement!!! -
The strong basement!!! Visual merchandising is an important profession in retailing. Hammaa helps you to develop your plans and engages in attracting your customers through a well displayed ...